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Ohio Heat Transfer Ltd was started in June of 2003 by a group of people who have been involved in the heat transfer industry for many years on both the service and manufacturing side. They saw a great need for a quality manufactured product which includes charge air coolers, air to oil coolers, shell and tube coolers along with complete cooling packages including the radiator assembly.

We offer a complete line of charge air coolers for all class 8 applications both new and remanufactured. Our product line has a brazed core design that is far superior to many of our competitorís designs. This along with our expertise allows us to offer a warranty that is second to none.

Ohio Heat Transfer Ltd has the capabilities to produce custom shell and tube as well as custom concentric (barrel) oil coolers. We can provide you with a complete cooling system package designed for your specific application including the radiator, charged air cooler and oil cooler if needed.

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  1. How It All Works - The role your charged air cooler plays

  2. What Does It All Mean - Understanding the effects on fuel mileage and performance

  3. The Future Of C.A.C.'s - What to expect on the new EGR engines and beyond

How It All Works ... The charge-air-cooler, also known as a pre-cooler







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